Management Service for Condominium Associations

The function of Professional Management is to provide competent, credible and effective management services at the highest level. StoneMere Real Estate Solutions not only provide these services, but we make it an enjoyable experience.

These services include administrative services, financial services, inspecting and scheduling maintenance repairs and coordination of all management functions and services at all levels.

A Respectable Appearance

Appearance greatly influences the value and enjoyment of your property, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure all property under our management always looks its best. We walk the project on a regular basis and make sure all debris, leaves, and paper are cleared, as well as verifying that maintenance contracts are carried out appropriately. All deficiencies are noted and brought into compliance with your association’s regulations.


When your property’s facilities require repairs, we provide reliable maintenance to keep homeowners happy. We ensure all repairs and improvements are authorised by your association first, then complete the project within a reasonable period. Any contract for significant maintenance or alterations are approved by your association and entered into the records before any work begins.             

Impeccable Landscaping

A lovely landscape can be the key to an inviting appearance. To ensure your property is surrounded by a lush, verdant landscape, we provide a thorough evaluation and present it to your association with specific suggestions for improvement. After this step, we provide landscaping services regularly. The appearance and often value of a property has a direct relationship to the quality, condition and maintenance of the landscape. Properties that appear well maintained and groomed often have higher values and generally sell faster than properties that do not have the same appeal. Therefore, a thorough evaluation of the landscape is prepared and presented to the Board of Directors with specific suggestions for improvement and special care is given to the landscape on a regular basis, after all the condo owners have a vested interest in maintaining their properties value

In Case of Emergency

When an emergency arises, we ascertain the extent of the issue, the possible damages that may result, and estimate the costs for repair or replacement. If the repair is an emergency we act immediately to correct the problem so as to eliminate any further issues from occurring. In all instances, we take every step necessary to protect lives and property. Our phone is always on and we will respond as quick as possible

Administration Services

  • Full communication with Board of Directors, property owners and trades performing maintenance
  • Collection of condo fees held in a dedicated trust account
  • Making sure all By-Laws of the Corporation are being adhered to and any violations are addressed and rectified
  • Attendance at monthly/quarterly board meetings as well as annual general meetings with complete minutes of each meeting
  • Supervise building operations including overseeing preventative maintenance, regular maintenance and emergency repairs
  • Full reporting to the Board of Directors of Financials, Budgets, and the Reserve Fund with recommendations

We provide routine inspections of the Association Common Areas and facilities, and will submit a written report of findings, action taken and recommendations to the Board of Directors. Immediately upon receiving maintenance requests and/or complaints, concerning the Associations Common areas, and communicate them to the Board of Directors and contact the appropriate contractors and trades for repairs and maintenance.

You should enjoy your home at all times, but in the event, you decide to sell your Condo StoneMere Real Estate Solutions will be a positive part of your decision. We will assist by making sure any Condo documents required to complete your sale will be made available as soon as the request comes in . We will treat your Real Estate representation with  courtesy, promptness, and assist with any questions they may have.