StoneMere Real Estate Solutions has a team of people, helping thousands of people find their dream rental or buy a perfect new home!

About Us

Our Team


We’re very passionate about searching for only the best properties on the market and offering them to our clients. Our extended team of more than 30 professional, dedicated real estate agents is waiting for a chance to be helpful to your cause, whether it’s a summer rental search a purchase & mortgage of a Calgary lakeside house… So we’re sure that whatever type of property you’re searching for, we’ll be the agency to get it found, checked and offered for you!

We’ve got dedicated, professional REALTORS® constantly checking for newer, better properties that meet their client’s needs 

Our team receives the best training to service the needs of their clients. Starting with knowing what those needs are. 

The best qualities that our clients note in our REALTORs®  is their fast pace, great communication skills, trustworthiness, professionalism, and dedication!

Janis Risi

As our broker, Janis has been with us from the head start. She manages all our agents, property listings and the overall engagement of our rent & sell brokerage across Calgary. Janis has over 30 years experience as a licensed REALTOR® and Broker, over 10 years experience in property management and fully licensed in property management, commercial, industrial, and rural properties.